Risks reduction – Change management

Risks analysis and reduction

In 2007, brought out a major risk in the manufacturing chain of integrated circuits worldwide.
He was detatched to perform a robustness analysis of the supply chain of specific substrates for high-end photomasks used by all the worldwide manufacturers of integrated circuits.
His visit of the manufacturing facilities of photomasks in Japan and the USA highlighted that all the manufacturers obtained their base material from the same supplier, who had one single manufacturing plant, located in an earthquake zone in Japan.
Prevention plans of supply disruption risks were quickly put in place to remove this vulnerability.

Change management with production continuity & positive impact on the territory

In 1992, was sent to Wales to manage and control the production of a plant manufacturing integrated d’une about to be closed. Kept the teams motivated and the maintained the production quality, by putting in place proximity management with operators and engineers, and by creating challenges for continuous improvement of quality and cycle time.
In the end, the plant was bought out and the jobs maintained.