My journey

My multidisciplinary approach of solar technologies

  • Research engineer on a programme of concentration solar furnace, bioclimatic heating engineer, PhD in physics of materials
  • Expert in thermal conversion, high temperatures, high concentrations, thermal habitat, relationships with architects
  • Consultant in photovoltaic conversion and high concentrations technology

Throughout my career, I fed on a variety of multi-cultural experiences in France and abroad

  • Research professor in an engineering school in Algeria, buyer of strategic raw materials for a multinational company, production manager in a British factory
  • Facilitator for workgroups and engineers’ projects
  • Negociator for pricing and market shares, responsible for the reliability of global supplies

Sound industrial career path in advanced technologies

  • Responsible for production and engineering support in integrated circuit manufacturing plants, technical training manager in the field of semiconductors, technology intelligence, responsible for partnerships in R&D
  • Expert in market opportunities and competition analysis, management of complex programs and of academic and industrial partnerships, training

Ready to share my experience and knowhow, I am highly involved in the economic environment

  • In selection committees for business creation and development projects (Dispositif d’Amorçage de Provence, Territoire du Pays d’Aix), in the professional organizations office and competitivity cluster (ARCSIS, SCS), at the board of administration of higher education institutions (IAE, ISEN)
  • In evaluating business creation or development projects, opportunity analysis and recommendations for economic and political actors
  • In supporting students for their end of studies projects